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Accelerating Content Delivery with AWS

One of the beautiful results of cloud is the plethora of communications and media options available online. Whether it’s binge-watching my favorite new show or catching up with a friend overseas, knowing that the cloud supports my endeavors is quite heartwarming.

For enterprises, content delivery has transitioned with the priorities of digital transformation. Where prior channels were mainly through print and television, today’s savvy consumer is influenced by multiple screens and mediums, especially as the buyer’s journey moves online where they can read news, conduct research, consume media, and make purchases, all without consulting a live human being.

While the new paradigm might be scary, there are solutions available to ease the transition in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Offering reliable, always-on infrastructure, leading media giants and enterprises use their content delivery platform to showcase everything from the latest blockbuster movies to the sharing of last quarter’s earnings. These are achieved through solutions including:

  • Simple Storage Solution (S3), which enables the storage of documents and media.
  • CloudFront, a content delivery network providing accelerated content sharing and access.
  • AWS Direct Connect, which provides a dedicated network connection between your network and AWS.
  • And much more!

With the ability to deliver content easily and effectively, organizations can maintain their status as industry leaders, both to their employees and to the public at large.

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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