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Client Video: Enhancing Medical Research with the Cloud

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The Future of Big Data

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Health Data Compass supports a multi-pronged analytics initiative for breakthroughs in personalized medicine – tailored medical services based on an individual’s predicted response or risk of disease – and integrates data from two major hospital systems, a physician billing plan, and scientific laboratories at the University of Colorado Denver. Perficient helped redesign and re-platform Health Data Compass’ data warehouse, from an off-the-shelf commercial solution hosted by the University of Colorado to a cloud platform, due to inefficiencies preventing optimized use of the warehouse’s capabilities.

Health Data Compass was slowed by extensive infrastructure maintenance such as new software features, software patches, and networking issues. Watch the video to learn why Health Data Compass turned to the cloud to improve security, reduce maintenance, and increase efficiency in its mission to provide breakthrough medical advances in the field of personalized medicine.

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