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3 Considerations for Ephemeral Buyer Journeys

Standing out in the digital experience of every buyer’s journey serves to create attention that creates conversation and further accelerates interest. In recent years, we’ve seen the introduction of platforms that do just this, including Snapchat and Instagram Direct. Dubbed as ephemeral content, the experience created is temporary and powerful.

According to social analytics firm Sprinklr, ephemeral content is a leading way to win engagement in the modern day, especially as millennials find themselves less interested in keeping the memories they make. Shutterfly corroborates these views, with survey data showing that while 60% of those see mobile phones as their primary photo taking device, only 50% have actually viewed a photo they took in the past decade. This is a deviation from the habits of far older generational peers.

As marketers, we know that reaching our audience is only as good as the platform we elect to distribute our content. In this blog, we explore a few considerations for maximizing the new paradigms of the ephemeral buyer’s journey.

  1. Capitalize on the Now: I remember growing up to the tune of tape-delayed content. For a number of years, even larger sporting events including the NBA Finals and Olympics were tape-delayed, broadcast at a later time to capture a greater share of viewers. For younger (and impatient) buyers, ephemeral content provides the opportunity to showcase a product or experience live. When examined in the digital experience in the buyer’s journey, organizations may see a faster time to purchase than before.
  2. Mobile-First and Location-Based: Both Instagram and Snapchat thrive off mobile, location-based, and in the moment captured feelings. Already, there are filters to service specific locations and events, as well as branded filters that users find useful and engaging and something that many consumer brands have already adopted.
  3. Capturing Impulse: Younger consumers rely on their mobile phones for purchases. More and more, they turn to their phones for shopping, dining, and entertainment information while they are actively looking to do those things. In shorter buying journeys, this offers opportunities to present purchasing moments based on profile and location. Paired with scarcity, it’s another way to drive interest and create a unique brand feeling.

Of course, just engaging in ephemeral messaging isn’t enough. As with all marketing activities, professionals must strive to drive customers back to native platforms for further education, engagement, and interaction. Don’t forget to do that as you build out your filters, stories, and messaging.

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Today’s organizations must be more connected to their customer than ever. As the buyer’s journey evolves, leaders must also adopt the right technologies to influence positive business outcomes. This post is a part of a series focused on helping enterprises develop the necessary strategies and best practices to better connect with their customers. Check out the other blogs in this series

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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