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Controlling IT Resources with the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing is an integral component of modern information technology and digital transformation strategy, shifting budgets and strategies towards disruptive solutions. According to research firm IDC, 2016 alone marked an 11% shift of budgets away from traditional IT delivery models toward various types of cloud computing technologies.
Most likely, your organization is exploring cloud computing solutions to drive innovation and remain competitive in a global market. With so many offerings on the market, deciding on a strategy and a solution can be daunting. You’re not alone. More than 60% of enterprises are on that journey as well, expecting to have at least half of their infrastructure within the cloud by 2018 (IDC).
Microsoft Azure allows your organization to control your IT resources – wherever they are. In the guide, “Accelerate the Hybrid Cloud Journey with Microsoft Azure,” our Azure expert Joe Crabtree explains:

“Microsoft Azure Stack is the foundational building block for any hybrid cloud solution. The Azure Stack gives you the power of a public cloud solution in your datacenter, enabling you to control both environments seamlessly for unified management. Easily offload workloads to the cloud or bring them back on-premises for any purpose. Scale at a moment’s notice for busy times or use temporary cloud resources for development and test scenarios.
“Azure Stack makes Azure services available in a consistent way across the global public cloud provided by Microsoft, hosted public clouds offered by service providers, and private clouds within enterprises. Azure Stack uses the same APIs, the same command line, and the same SDKs. Azure Active Directory controls security and access globally across environments. Azure Resource Manager Templates can be used for both on-premises and cloud application development.”

Check out more on this strategy – and additional hybrid cloud scenarios – by downloading our guide:

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