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[Guide] 4 Pillars to AI-Powered Search in the Digital Workplace

Modern, digitally connected employees expect their workplace to deliver the same level of technological sophistication that they experience as customers. They want the latest collaboration and communication tools that are fast, intuitive, and mobile-friendly. The days of static intranets for knowledge share are gone; today’s employees demand information at their fingertips anytime and anyplace.
Yet, many organizations struggle to create engaging intranets or employee communities, and search can be a main pain point.
As employee demands grow for quick and efficient knowledge sharing, AI-powered search engines will become crucial to your organization’s digital workplace strategy. In this guide, we provide four pillars to incorporating AI-powered search into your digital workplace:

  1. Put all information at the user’s fingertips.
  2. Deliver proactive insights in context.
  3. Integrate knowledge into the employee’s workflow.
  4. Leverage the wisdom of your collective workforce for predictive insights.

With our partner Coveo – a Forrester “leader” for cognitive search and Gartner “leader” for insight engines – we can provide enterprise search services and solutions for your organization.
Read more in the guide:

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Jane Louis, Microsoft Marketing Manager

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