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Defining Yourself with Digital: The Importance of an Ownable Idea

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Becoming digital is the surest way for you to understand your customers' needs and meet their expectations. Learn how Perficient can help anticipate what's ahead for you and your customer with a digital strategy centered around empathy, alignment, and agility.

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It’s not complicated to come up with a clever use of the latest technology, but it takes effort to find an idea that is truly unique and recognizable as your own. A brand-defining digital idea expresses who you are and clearly articulates the role can you play in a consumer’s life. Breakthrough digital ideas often require innovative technology or data integration to be fully realized, but they also demand a great understanding of your story, your business and your consumer.
Digital experiences play a significant role in how consumers define who you are and your value as a brand. We all know the days of fully-controlled, linear brand messages are over. Consumers may have dozens of experiences with you before they ever engage or buy. All of those interactions have the potential to bring them into your experience at a different moment via a different channel. This means every entry point has to fully exude who you are, what value you provide, and how you do what you do. Every part of the idea – the language, the delivery – should reinforce your unique point-of-view, brand, and style.  
Digital mediums allow you to make a wealth of brand information available and great companies are recognizing the power of this as a branding device. The stories you tell, features you choose, technologies you leverage and how you distribute and participate in conversations are all part of the experience. That is a lot of pressure, but it also provides a lot of opportunity to redefine and reposition yourself rapidly in your consumer’s eyes with the right choices and the right message.
Your competitors and their agency partners are all looking at similar data points and research. They are listening to many of the same queries as you are and they are following what consumers say about all the brands in your category. Consumers are bombarded by messages and content that often operate off similar consumer insights.  They can easily blend into each other without real brand recognition or impact. Your job is to be understood and recognized in the clutter.
Every digital interaction has the potential to tell consumers more of your story. Every choice has the power to reinforce or redefine what consumers know about you. Start exploring your ownable ideas – dream big and build beautiful as only your brand can through each step of your customer experience.
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