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What’s New in IBM Digital Experience CF 14

IBM released Cumulative Fix (CF) 14 for WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager (WCM) in early July, 2017.  This fix will apply to either version 8.5 or 9.0.  IBM has moved to a continuous delivery model where they release cumulative fixes every few months to not only fix defects but also to deliver new capabilities.  Key capabilities of CF 14 include:

IBM Watson Content Hub

Watson Content Hub is IBM’s content as a service offering which allows you to easily manage content in the cloud while taking advantages of Watson’s cognitive tagging capabilities for your media.  Integration with Watson Content Hub is improved with WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager in this CF.  See here for additional integration information.

Web Application Bridge Improvement

The Web Application Bridge allows you to easily integrate external websites and web applications into your site.  Improvements in this CF allow you to integrate multiple web applications within the same portal page.

Additional Social Rendering Templates for the Digital Data Connector (DDC)

Digital Experience and Web Content Manager integrates easily with IBM Connections, their enterprise social collaboration suite.  This is done through the DDC.  This CF contains additional improvements which allow easier and more feature rich integration capabilities with Connections.  See here for additional information on the social rendering templates.

Performance Improvements for Web Content Manager

A number of improvements have been included in WCM including faster queries of the JCR, additional WCMConfigService properties for tuning and additional access control parameters to reduce access control redundancy.

See this page for a comprehensive list of what is new in all CFs IBM has released.

Are you looking to upgrade top IBM DX 9.0 or simply looking to apply the latest CF?  See how we can help by emailing us at and download our portals guide for more information on how to build a leading digital experience.

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