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Perficient Solutions Architect Wins Awards for Kscope17 Session

Nearly 100 Kscope17 attendees attended a session by Doga Pamir, Solutions Architect, Perficient Oracle, that recently landed him two top honors:

Best First-Time Speaker Award
HFM to FCCS – A Customer Success Story
Doga Pamir, Perficient

Top Speaker Award (Financial Close)
Financial Close – HFM to FCCS – A Customer Success Story
Doga Pamir, Perficient

Doga’s presentation, HFM to FCCS – A Customer Success Story, drew a diverse crowd of application users, prospects, industry veterans, other consultants, and even the vice president of Product Development from Oracle.

“We were able to turn the session into an interactive one with attendees asking great questions followed by valuable discussions,” Doga said. “I also had great follow-up conversations with some of the attendees after my session.”

What the Session Covered

Doga’s presentation centered on one of the latest Oracle cloud offerings/solutions in the EPM area. Our Oracle team did one of the first implementations in the world for this specific product.

“As a long-time Oracle Platinum partner, we are in line with Oracle’s cloud strategy, and our clients and prospects want to learn about these new solutions as quickly as possible,” he said. “Being one of the first on implementing this cloud solution was a very valuable experience on a personal level. It has also given us, the Perficient EPM team, a great advantage to educate our clients and prospects, and also discuss and create their cloud strategies, which is one of the services we provide in our group.”

Reflecting on the Results

Doga says he’s honored to have received the Kscope17 awards.

“When I first found out about it I was pleasantly surprised considering this was my first time at the conference both as an attendee and presenter,” he said. “There were certainly several other great presentations delivered by some of the best in our industry. Thus, receiving this recognition is without a doubt very rewarding while it puts positive pressure on myself to raise the bar even higher, continue learning, and keep delivering successful results.”

Get More Info

Doga soon will be launching a blog series based on his presentation. Be sure to check back to our Oracle blog, follow us on Twitter at @PRFT_Oracle, or subscribe below to our weekly email digest to get all of the installments.

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