Making It Count: Deliver Personalized Experiences in Healthcare

Personalization is becoming increasingly popular in a number of industries (take retail or travel, for example). And consumers have come to expect relevant messages, tailored specifically for them. Even the most highly regulated, high-touch industries like healthcare have been impacted by this shift. People are used to on-demand, at-your-fingertips digital experiences, and expect the same level of service from their health insurance company or healthcare provider.
We all receive hundreds of messages each day from work, school, companies, groups, social networking – the list goes on and on. Often times, consumers decide if they like a marketing message and if it’s relevant to them in a matter of seconds. You’ve got to make it count.
Many health plans and providers recognize the importance of delivering responsive, personalized service to members and patients – service that ultimately improves satisfaction levels and increases commitment. At the same time, there’s been hesitancy to adopt personalization, as it presents some unique challenges.
Despite the obstacles, some healthcare organizations are forging ahead, and bridging the gap between ensuring compliance and delivering omnichannel experiences that consumers are looking for. As part of this, they’ve identified ways to apply digital personalization, and done so successfully. And it’s a win-win situation: benefits to the members translate to benefits for the organization. Members have the right information at the right time, and subsequently, these organizations are increasing relevance and seeing more online engagement. Through increased member satisfaction, you build brand loyalty and foster a reluctance to switch health plans or providers.
As Jim Hertzfeld, a digital and customer experience strategist here at Perficient Digital, mentioned in another blog post, getting started with personalization doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can start small and grow your strategies over time.
Learn more by joining us for a complimentary webinar featuring Kaiser Permanente, and learn how leading healthcare organizations are using Adobe Marketing Cloud to drive better outcomes and improve health care value.

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