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5 Questions to Ask for Discovering Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a crucial component of the buyer’s journey. After all, the lack of proper targeting means that those whom you actually want to see your services and products will likely be seeing those of your competitors.

Developing a buyer persona takes work and requires buy-in from your engineering to your sales team. In asking the right questions, you’ll find yourself closer to the answer for how you should build your collateral, digital experience platforms, and sales plays.

Here are some illuminating questions that we suggest:

  • What are the job roles we want to target?
    Reaching out to just anyone won’t do the job. Whether you’re making a sale or just looking for someone who will engage, understanding their role in their company, family, or community is an ideal way to start. That way, your stakeholders can plan on having the most fruitful of conversations.
  • What are the biggest challenges?
    Every organization goes into business to solve a main challenge. As the organization providing a service, your buyer’s journey must create the opportunities where those challenges are solved. Understanding those challenges on a general and specific level provides the guidance for the appropriate experience design.
  • Where does the buyer associate?
    Unfortunately, if you build it – they will not come. With the web full of noise, you’ll have to go to your audience in order for them to gain interest and participate in your digital experience and buyer’s journey. Some activities you may consider include attending professional associations, going to networking events, or spending time in the same communities.
  • Have they engaged before?
    Sometimes, the buyer has engaged with your organization before but did not make a purchase or went with a competitor. In this situation, find out how you can update your communications and product offerings to meet expectations.
  • What other publications or media do they engage with?
    Much like associations, it’s likely that your buyer already associates with publications for their daily news. To drive buyer engagement, see if it’s possible to create alliances or sponsorship opportunities.

How are you currently creating your buyer persona? Let us know in the comments section below.

Explore Your Buyer’s Journey

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