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Women of Perficient’s Salesforce Practice: Here’s to You!

Having worked across numerous consulting and in-house firms, and with a diverse range of clients from various market verticals, I know firsthand that our industry tends to be male-dominated. I couldn’t be prouder to work for a company that employs such intelligent, amazing women in the Perficient Salesforce Business Unit. Be they project managers, business consultants, developers, or solution architects, each one puts forth Herculean efforts to “get ‘er done” and complete each and every solution. It is inspiring to work with them on a daily basis and I’d like to take a moment and celebrate them in their roles:

Technical Consultants

Our two team leaders, both women, are as equally good at delivering sublime results for clients as they are at managing their team. Developers who work for them know they are tireless in their efforts to support them and are often creating new, innovative approaches to accomplish our team’s objectives. One particular developer is one of our most tenured and experienced consultants, having worked on hundreds of client engagements, all while simultaneously studying for her Certified Technical Architects exam.

Business Consultants

We have a growing and powerful contingent of female business consultants. Perficient is a powerhouse because of the solutions they design. We have UI designers who work on projects for a leading live TV streaming service provider, Lead Business Consultants working for GoPro, and Senior Business Consultants delivering incredibly innovative communities at NextGen.

Solution Architects

Our two women Solution Architects are amazing, more knowledgeable about Salesforce than many – including some at the mothership! They are in constant contact with Salesforce Product Managers, making it all work while keeping their own clients delighted. They are part of the reasons that we maintain a 9.9 CSAT score and are still continually innovating for clients to raise that score to its max.

Directors & PMs

Our leadership is made up of many female Directors and Project Managers who balance sales, delivery, and team management. It is incredible to see their limitless knowledge about Salesforce products, bringing different skills and techniques to the table to provide an amazing pool of talent to draw upon for our clients. All that on top of constantly innovating internally to keep our teams improving.
I also want to take a moment and acknowledge the men of Perficient – they also do sensational work – but especially because they view the women they work with as equals. It’s so critical that no matter who your coworker is, there is mutual respect and a commitment to equality.
So here’s to the ladies of Perficient and to the amazing work we have done and will do for our clients. You have my utmost admiration for setting the bar so high. My only hope is that others read this and know what an amazing practice we’ve had a hand in building. For those inspired by our team, look to join us at

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Laurel Jones, Senior Business Consultant, UI/UX Design

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