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4 Ways to Convert the Modern Customer

Conversion is the ultimate goal for any enterprise organization. After all, it’s what drives revenue and continuity in any industry. Depending on the industry however, conversion time can be anywhere from minutes to months.

Converting any customer is hard work in the era of digital transformation, especially with the amount of noise and options available. Nonetheless, there are some tried and true tactics that help in the facilitation of the buyer’s journey. We explore several of these tactics in today’s blog post.

  1. Content Marketing: According to Sirius Decisions, 67% of the Buyer’s Journey is now conducted digitally. This means that everyone from customers to executives are combing search engines and social networks to understand product perception, company reputation, and much more. If more of that content comes from the organization directly, that gives the customer more information to work with in making their decision.
  2. Sales-Marketing Collaboration: Though sales and marketing organizations focus on vastly different priorities, their need to work together leads to greater conversion. According to marketing research firm MarketingProfs, organizations with tightly collaborative marketing and sales teams experience 36% higher sales win rates. Thus, it’s important for marketing and sales organizations to continuously be in contact in sharing content, customer success stories, messaging, and collateral.
  3. Continued Conversation Points: Dependent on the sales cycle, customer research will ultimately take them to communities where they can speak to other customers. According to Nielsen Research, 66% of respondents from 60 countries noted they trusted online peer recommendations, signaling a need for resources that drive appropriate decision-making. Organizations should moderate such conversations and address customer issues, but not try to control the end-to-end flow as to cause distrust or frustration.
  4. Continued Storytelling: We mentioned in previous posts in this series about the importance of storytelling. When converting a customer, storytelling should continue as a tactic and organizations should focus on offering customer stories and practical use cases.

With these tips in mind, organizations can ease their conversion challenges and create a manageable buyer’s journey.

Let us know more about your organization’s buyer’s journey and whether these tactics are similar to how you approach your customer base in the comments section below.  

Convert Your Customer

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Today’s organizations must be more connected to their customer than ever. As the buyer’s journey evolves, leaders must also adopt the right technologies to influence positive business outcomes. This post is a part of a series focused on helping enterprises develop the necessary strategies and best practices to better connect with their customers. Check out the other blogs in this series.  

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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