Cloud SCM - Order Management - Real Time, On Time, All The Time
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Cloud SCM – Order Management – Real Time, On Time, All The Time

19 years of Consulting in Oracle Applications and 10 years of industry experience have taught me one thing: Your customers remember you for what you deliver, not for what you promised.

On-time delivery, meeting your promises – that is the key to success. Fall short, deliver a day late, send out a broken box, or be a dollar more, and that will be the last time you hear from that customer. And that’s because in today’s e-commerce environment, customers are no longer bound to loyalty based on relationships – a click of a button on the internet is all it takes for your customer to be lost forever. Any retailer, manufacturer, distributor, or combination thereof that isn’t taking advantage of Oracle’s modern ERP system is already setting themselves up to lose out on the future. And that’s because you need to transact and deliver at the speed of business, not at the speed of bulky out dated batch processes that can add endless hours to your end to end business process. Real Time Inventory checking, live configurations through the use of Oracle’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) application, real time integration with CX (Customer Experience) applications, the ability to seamlessly create orders from multiple system sources, including your e-commerce web page, live and flexible pricing models – these are all the capabilities you need to orchestrate your supply chain.  This is a point, click, and purchase society. If you can’t offer your customers all these (and many more capabilities), you will be sitting on the sidelines. This why it is critical now to get ahead of the game, ahead of the competition, and get into a highly configurable modern ERP system, specifically Oracle’s highly touted (and top rated by Gartner Group) Cloud ERP system. (

The implementation times can be cut into a 4th of your traditional ERP “on prem” solution, which can leave customers reeling in the cost of hardware and IT staff alone, set aside the “years long” implementation timelines.  Oracle has taken all its years of customer implementations, feedback from partners, system integrators, and they have incorporated it into a highly flexible, configurable system that no longer needs massive customizations to meet your business needs. With “Platform as a Service” (Paas), the possibilities are endless. Create your own integrations with existing on-prem legacy solutions (shop floor systems, for example), integrate with customers and vendors, credit card companies for payment. Oracle offers hundreds of pre-built integrations that work “out of the box”. This reduces your IT costs, makes upgrades easy, and doesn’t cause interruption to your business. And, every transaction integrates with Oracle Financials for real time, board room ready financial reporting.

In the cloud, Oracle will handle all your patching, upgrades, infrastructure and IT needs. You will always have the latest and greatest software available, and you are in control of timelines, using Oracle’s web access to schedule “Prod to Test” copies and major upgrades, giving you time to test and understand new functionality.

In the cloud, your data is easily accessible without the need for VPN installs. Any mobile device with access to the internet can access your data in real time and make sure your customers orders are not being jeopardized by a weakness in your supply chain. It’s all secure. Every client’s cloud sits on its own server or “island”, totally isolated from all other systems. Your data is safe and secure at all times.

Contact Perficient today find out how to leverage the Cloud capabilities. We are ready to do business with you, right now.

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