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Having Trouble with Enable Sandboxes Option in PBCS Application?

Yes, it is a nuance while creating application in PBCS. Here is what you need to know about it:

If you are creating a new application, you may choose the obvious solution (like me) of clicking ‘Create Application’ from Planning and Budgeting Service. Beware!

When you choose to create application from above menu– You cannot ‘Enable Sandboxes’ on the BSO cube you choose to create from here.  The ‘Enable Sandboxes’ option is missing from the ‘Create Application’ screen. It is a nuance. Check the below screen that comes after choosing ‘Create Application’.

You will not see an option to ‘Enable Sandboxes’ for the application anywhere.  After you create the application option in PBCS (Standard Application), you will only be able to ‘Enable Sandboxes’ for new custom cube that you create after the deployment. It will not allow you to change the Plan1 to have sandboxes enabled.

Note- I renamed my Plan1 as FIN. After creating the application – I cannot ‘Enable Sandboxes’ in the FIN cube. I have tried checking the box, going to the HSP_View dimension to enable the selection for FIN cube, but in vain.

However, when I added a new cube called WFP and I can ‘Enable Sandboxes’ without any issue.

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Alternatively, If you choose to go through simplified interface to create your application.

Click Start

Click Standard

Click New

Give app name in the general screen and click next.

In the details screen, You will see option to ‘Enable Sandboxes’.

This is how you will ‘Enable Sandboxes’ on applications to get HSP_View dimension enabled on your BSO cube. If you do not choose to go through the simplified interface menu to ‘Create Application’, you will not be able to ‘Enable sandboxes’ later on the BSO Cube, except for new custom cube that you create afterwards as I showed in this post.

Hope this article saves your time, and you choose the ‘Create application’ from Simplified Interface menu instead of the obvious menu when you are in need for ‘Enable Sandboxes’ on your BSO cube.

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