Blending Content & Commerce: A Recipe for Success

Creating remarkable experiences is essential for differentiating your brand in the Age of the Consumer. In fact, 73% of businesses claim that improving customer experience (CX) is a strategic priority.1 However, few companies are getting it right.

Only 1% of companies deliver an excellent customer experience2

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Mobility, transparency, and an endless supply of choices allow customers to know more about products and pricing. From researching products, buying on their own terms, and reviewing both the product and service experiences, customers are firmly in charge. Where price and product used to be the driving force behind purchase decisions, consumers now want more.
Content that’s valuable and relevant helps drive purchase decisions on digital channels. With more than 11% of retail shopping done online, it should come as no surprise that “content and commerce” is a hot topic in the eCommerce industry.3
In our latest guide, Blending Content & Commerce: A Recipe for Success, we explore:

  • The driving forces behind the importance of content in eCommerce
  • The evolution of platforms that enable content and commerce
  • Why breaking down silos and establishing governance is crucial for success

1 “US Customer Experience Index,” Forrester, 2015
2 “Forrester’s CX Index Ranks the Brands that Deliver the Best Customer Experience,” Forrester
3 Internet Retailer, 2017

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Stephanie has more than 10 years' experience in marketing communications, leading and executing marketing strategies for corporate and non-profit organizations. She elevates the awareness and creativity of content marketing campaigns for Perficient.

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