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Our Atlanta – Dunwoody Office: A Great Space, Even Greater People

One of the unique things about agency and consulting work is that we often are part of a team that could be made up of members from offices all over the country (and sometimes even India and China). As we travel around – to job sites or other Perficient offices – it’s pretty common to ask one another where we’re from and what the office/culture is like there.
A recent on-site in Boston got me thinking… what IS our Atlanta culture? So I asked around, and put some thought into it, and wanted to share some of the things that I think make our Atlanta – Dunwoody office so great.

Location, Location, Location

Atlanta is booming.  We’ve recently been named the #3 tech hub in the US. Film and TV production here is second only to LA and NY.  And more and more international companies are setting up shop here.
That said, folks who’ve spent any time in Atlanta will tell you:  our traffic sucks. I mean really, really sucks. So, no matter where in the city the office might be located, at least a decent majority of the team is going to be staring at a noteworthy commute.
The good news around our Dunwoody space is that, once here, it’s a pretty great destination. We’re located in a modern office park with plenty of greenery and a lovely garden that’s perfect for when you need 5 minutes of “zen time.” We’re also a short walk from tons of great restaurants, gyms, one of Atlanta’s biggest malls… and depending on the need, TWO Starbucks and a massive wine store.
The aforementioned mall is both a curse and a blessing – leading up to the holidays, traffic around the office becomes absolutely insane at times, as rabid shoppers descend to handle their gift-giving needs.
Three pro tips if you ever come visit:

  • We’re very close to a direct MARTA (train) stop – which you can grab directly at the airport, avoiding the traffic chaos.
  • Looking for accommodations, we’re right next door to an Embassy Suites – where they recently shot some scenes for the upcoming “SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING” film.
  • Get a local (I recommend resident foodie Sheyra Kelley) to take you to Buford Highway – the United Nations of Atlanta dining. It won’t be fancy, but you’ll find some of the best and most authentic Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean, etc food in the entire country. I *highly* recommend the Bahn Mi at Quoc Huong!

A History with History

Like some other offices, Atlanta carries history and tradition from acquisitions. Here in Dunwoody, our agency shares space with the Atlanta local office and a large contingent of folks from our Microsoft team. A number of all those folks have carried some of the great traditions from their previous companies forward, and we enjoy great activities like a monthly Atlanta all-hands (across the entire company), complete with dinner and drinks.; the annual Thanksgiving potluck; local volunteerism (this year with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta); holiday parties and, of course, the infamous annual golf tournament. (Ask someone on that last one… I’m not one to go ‘round spreading rumors).

The People

I’ve saved the best for last. It may seem trite, but honestly when people ask me about the Atlanta operation, I don’t think about the office space, or the nearby Starbucks, or even the golf tourney. Nope. When you ask me about Atlanta, what pops into my head is Sheyra, Maxx, Lisa, Valeria and our newest team member, Jacob. The amazing agency team that’s full of so much incredible talent, and awesome diversity, and fascinating perspectives, and an insatiable sense of curiosity and desire to excel. Active in the local tech community, many of the Atlanta crew participated in World IA Day, and are regulars at amUX and IxDA meetups. Maybe it’s Southern Hospitality, or just a team of great colleagues and friends, but folks here are friendly, eager to pitch in, and always in good spirits.
So, yeah, the team is really the heart and soul of whatever actually is defined as our Atlanta – Dunwoody office. Walls could be painted, offices could be moved and traditions could be abandoned but what makes the Atlanta office special wouldn’t change, so long as our amazing crew remains – and continues to grow!

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