Ronda Kiser-Oakes Discusses Innovation on DevOps Radio
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Ronda Kiser-Oakes Discusses Innovation on DevOps Radio

Every organization’s approach to innovation is unique, but the path to success is an accepted best practice – at least according to Ronda Kiser-Oakes, a longtime development professional director of Perficient’s DevOps practice. In her debut on CloudBees’ DevOps Radio, a podcast that interviews industry professionals, Kiser-Oakes discussed the best practices that Perficient takes when concerned with DevOps projects.

Among the analogies Kiser-Oakes makes around DevOps is that success mirrors that of sports teams. Nowhere is the comparison more apt where she compares a great DevOps success story to that of the recent World Series win by her favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. No matter what, even in the midst of politics, Kiser-Oakes believes in pushing forward and ensuring that work gets done.

You can listen to the rest of the DevOps Radio podcast here and discover more DevOps best practices.

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