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More Manufacturing Trends on the Horizon

The future of manufacturing is here, and the rules are changing fast.

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Traditional advantages are changing, forcing companies to find new ways to drive revenue, improve productivity and maintain an edge over the competition.

But the ones who succeed will have one simple thing in common at the heart of every strategy: the customer.

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What’s Next: 3 More Trends on the Horizon

Transformation will shift from global to regional, as manufacturers get closer to their customers with smaller, more nimble factories – as well as more flexible, personalized products.

To get there, the manufacturing industry is advancing the factory floor with:

1. Machine Data

With a combination of sensors, machine data and software, more products are blurring the line between the digital and physical space. From autonomous cars to Amazon’s “Alexa” to toothbrush sensors, machine data is making life easier for customers everywhere with information personalized for their needs.

2. Advanced Robotics

Advanced robots can be programmed to perform complex repetitive tasks, working right alongside manufacturing staff.

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3. Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is simplifying complex manufacturing production with materials like plastic and metals, particularly with precise and intricate parts. In the future, it will allow for even more scalable customization of products.

And it’s all happening nearly in real-time. Bringing these advanced processes together will continue to transform the B2B customer and their demands on the manufacturing industry.

Where to Start

To rise to the trends and challenges ahead, it’s critical to develop the right strategies and roadmaps.

It all comes down to this: the way your customers buy has changed. The way you sell should, too.


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