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[Guide] Building Your Modern Intranet

The digital workplace is undergoing a transformation, but company intranets are often left behind.
Many organizations struggle to provide an engaging intranet experience, and many traditional intranet projects fail to meet organizational objectives. According to Gartner, “Since the emergence of the intranet in the mid-1990s, organizations have seen wave after wave of intranet failure, renewal, stagnancy, and failure once again.” Not only has the intranet been a singular failure within many organizations, it also has been a repeated failure. In the same report, Gartner states, “Enterprises that fail to adapt their intranet strategies will be swept into the next wave of intranet failure.”

During the last decade, SharePoint has emerged as the de-facto intranet platform, and Office 365 has gained significant traction within organizations of all sizes. In fact, SharePoint intranets have accounted for a majority of the top-ranked intranets during the last two years, and many organizations are migrating to Office 365 from their on-premises installations. How can we reconcile these successes when considering Gartner’s reports of intranet failure? Is technology the problem?
In this guide, you’ll learn our approach to the modern SharePoint intranet. By understanding why outdated intranets fail, you’ll learn tips for launching a successful modern intranet, including key focus areas, critical components, and more. We will look at what the modern intranet means in the context of today’s digital workplace and the Office 365 platform, and finally we’ll talk about how Perficient’s approach to the modern intranet can benefit your organization and finally deliver the intranet your employees deserve.

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  1. information equals power and surely a growth i n the internet network is a lot of power,, thanks for the knowledge..

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