Join Us for a DevOps Webinar June 15th
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Join Us for a DevOps Webinar June 15th

DevOps has made leaps and bounds this year within the industry and research firm IDC predicts that nearly 70% of Global Fortune 500 organizations will have implemented the development philosophy by the end of the year. If you’re still on the fence, now is the time to learn more and jump in on the action.

Here are some trends for your consideration:

  • Communication Matters: According to a survey by Atlassian, communication is still a challenge for 80% of DevOps teams when it comes to sharing tools. We’ll be discussing how to accelerate your communication for smoother project completion.
  • Containers are Growing in Popularity: Fast and isolated wins the race, at least in DevOps. A survey by RightScale indicates that nearly a third of enterprises are now using Docker for their development needs. With applications going to market at a faster rate than ever, it’s important for development teams to optimize their applications as fast as possible.
  • Budget Allocation Reflects Reality: Along with the transformation into DevOps, Forrester expects budgets to transform, and fast. As the market accelerates and competition becomes fierce, CIOs can ill-afford to sit on their hands and wait. Change must happen now.

Interested in getting started? Join our webinar below and email us at to set up a conversation with our subject matter experts and learn how we can transform your enterprise today!

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