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Appian IPO Signals Low-Code, BPM Evolution

Initial public offerings (IPO) often signal that an industry is coming of age and gaining wide acceptance among the general public. Recent examples include Perficient partners Cloudera (cloud computing) and Mulesoft (APIs), both of which have netted great returns for investors.

Today will signal yet another Perficient partner’s debut on the public market, with Appian providing its IPO and setting the intention to raise $75.6 million. Listed on the NASDAQ as APPN, this will allow the organization to offer 6.3 million shares at $11 to $13 each.

Appian’s IPO also signals a larger shift in the industry that is transforming by the day. We explore some of those shifts in this blog post.

  • Addressing Mobile Scarcity: According to Forrester’s Mobile Low Code Development Q1 report, enterprise organizations are facing an immense shortage of mobile talent. With talent difficult to source, design agency consulting expensive, and offshoring making delivery difficult, mobile low-code platforms close the gap and accelerate time to market.
  • DevOps Grows in Adoption: The popularity of low-code and accelerated development also falls in line with the growth of DevOps. IDC predicts that DevOps will increase in popularity, with 45% of CIOs focusing on development from a platform perspective by 2018. Low code will also increase in popularity as the development cycle also starts to focuses on containerization and virtualization.
  • BPM Continues to Evolve: Digital transformation continues to fuel the evolution of enterprise technology, especially in business process management (BPM) where monolithic legacy solutions are giving way to cloud-based technology. According to a survey of 500 IT executives by Denver-based TrackVia, two-thirds replied that current software slows application growth. The evolution of BPM and the Appian IPO shows that the market is ready for a transition away from such methodologies.

With these trends in consideration, we expect the market to continue its growth and expansion, especially with the continued gap of technical talent, evolution of BPM, and growth of DevOps. The opportunities for innovation will be more ripe than ever.

Congratulations, Appian!

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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