Perficient Team Clears Grounds for STEM Academy Outdoor Classroom
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Perficient Team Clears Grounds for STEM Academy Outdoor Classroom

Our team at the Perficient Charlotte office is always so giving of ourselves to our jobs, to helping our clients succeed, and to our families and friends. So it’s only natural for us to also want to be giving of ourselves to help our community.
For our most recent volunteer effort, we spent a morning at the John Motley Morehead STEM Academy tearing down garden beds to make way for new outdoor classroom. The opportunity came about through Hands on Charlotte, a nonprofit volunteer service organization.

We removed weeds (also had two toads and a lizard I moved to safety). We had to disassemble / break apart large wooden garden beds and tackle other landscape trimming on the property.
Fortunately in the morning it was cloudy, but it started to clear up and get sunny and very hot just as we were finishing up around noon.
It was definitely hard work, and we all broke a sweat. Some of us even got fire ant bites, and one of us got a bad hand blister. But everyone was smiling and energetic to do the work.

There was definitely a sense of accomplishment seeing the large pile of wood and clearing a path area for the children to safely walk around the back of the building. We know our hard work was greatly appreciated.
Our volunteer team consisted of nine Perficient colleagues, one friend, and one family member. All of the colleagues have volunteered for many other office events before, and we always feel great about our contribution to serving our community and supporting local charities.

My colleague Emma Goodnow, who took part in the Morehead STEM Academy project and regularly volunteers through Perficient, shared the same sentiment:
“Our Perficient team always has a great time together, and we enjoy giving back to the community as a team. Coming together to work outside on a hot Saturday morning is a testament to our colleagues’ shared values, camaraderie, and dedication to the community we work and live in.”
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