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Visual Studio Mobile Center Changes Announced at Microsoft Build

This week at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, the company announced major enhancements to Visual Studio Mobile Center, including support for Universal Windows Platform.
Visual Studio Mobile Center is a cloud-based service that lets developers manage the mobile application lifecycle regardless of the platform. Using a tool such as Mobile Center speeds up the development process by automating continuous integration, cloud-based, physical device testing, beta and app store distribution, monitoring, and engagement all in one place. And with the announcements made this week, it’s now even easier to automate parts of the development process.
So what was announced?

  • Windows support for Build, Distribute, Analytics, and Push
  • Ability to send Push messages using Mobile Center Analytics data
  • VSTS and Bitbucket Integration
  • XCUITest and Espresso support
  • Ability to deploy directly to Google Play
  • Integration of HockeyApp and Mobile Center

Microsoft also announced future enhancements that include secure private portals, increased support for UWP, the ability to deploy directly to the App Store, Intune, and Windows Store, and new cloud development services.
You can read the full announcement here.

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