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[Webinar] How to Assess Platform Gaps Impeding Digital Transformation

Often, when talking about digital transformation, organizations solely focus on front-end customer experience. While digital experience is an essential – and primary – component of digital transformation, the underlying systems and processes that support and enable customer experience are a vital and often overlooked key to long-term success.

According to Forrester, 2017 is the year that:

“Under the threat of digital disrupters, you must lead your fellow executives to a deeper understanding of the potential of technology to also transform your operating model to further enhance your digital products, services, and customer engagement.”

This “other half” of digital transformation is often referred to as operational excellence or optimization. And it is the more difficult and expensive, edging transformation budgets into the billions. Fraught with challenges, how do you get started in optimizing your platforms to transcend digital touchpoints and underpin a truly connected experience?

On May 23, Perficient experts, Eric Roch – Principal of IT Modernization and Mike Porter – Managing Principal of Strategic Advisory, will share strategies and best practices on how to assess gaps in your technology platform that inhibit your digital transformation goals. In this next iteration in our Digital Transformation series, Mike and Eric will share how technologies like cloud, data & analytics, APIs, and DevOps support the customer journey, and provide ways to assess how each tactic fits in your digital ecosystem.

Register now to secure your spot. If you can’t make it, the recording will be emailed to you following the webinar.

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Alexandra Haefele

Alexandra is a Marketing Manager for middleware and systems solutions at Perficient.

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