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3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Strategy

Mobile is more than just an app on a phone. Mobile means everywhere and every device. Creating a mobile strategy for your enterprise can be the difference between successful, well-adopted solutions and short-lived, ineffective ones. Here are three reasons why you need a mobile strategy before, during, and after a mobile implementation.
Multi-Solution Planning
You may be building one, single-platform app right now, but what about the next phase? Having a mobile strategy means that you’re prepared for the proliferation of mobile throughout your enterprise. For example, you may begin with an iPhone app but enhance to include an Android version within the first two years. When a strategy is in place, each team knows how to leverage the current mobile solution while planning for future endeavors. Without a strategy, it’s easy to build independent mobile solutions that serve a short-sighted purpose instead of intentional solutions that build value.
Staffing Needs
A good mobile strategy will plan for the teams and tools that are necessary to build successful mobile projects. Underestimating the nature of mobile and the need for mobile experts can quickly lead to potential cost and time overages. Just having an in-house IT team doesn’t automatically mean that you have a team that can build for mobile. Mobile requires extremely specialized skill sets and experience. Including a thorough assessment of personnel capabilities as part of your mobile strategy allows you to plan for hiring or outsourcing needs before they become a project roadblock.
Goals and KPIs
Without a mobile strategy it becomes complicated to measure success. Goals and KPIs become convoluted over time as ideas about what should be measured change. Establishing success metrics at the beginning of a mobile initiative keeps projects and teams accountable and aware of progress. These metrics are critical to measure success post-deployment, guide future enhancements, and influence decision-making for new projects. By crafting a mobile strategy, you can ensure that each project is contributing to larger goals while preventing fragmentation and solution disparity.
These are just three of the many reasons why you need to have a solid mobile strategy. Get additional details about these topics and more by downloading the guide Creating a Mobile Strategy to Transform the Enterprise below.


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