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How to Improve Employee Advocacy with the Cloud

The emergence of social media has enabled organizations to increase their visibility on the market. Dubbed “employee advocacy”, organizations can enjoy the benefit of having their own workers share the company message, drive revenue, and push awareness around initiatives and products. There are numerous positives to employee advocacy too, with a study by LinkedIn and Altimeter Group showing that socially engaged employees are more likely to be optimistic about their company’s future competitiveness. Additionally, data from industry publication Social Media Today touches on the impact of employee-driven content, which drives eight times as much awareness compared to corporate brand channels.

Numerous employee advocacy opportunities exist for organizations today. Better yet, these initiatives are cloud-based, further extending the reach of brands who may want to bring in new employees or advocate for a positive public image. In this blog post, we’ll explore some examples:

  • Content Sharing: Every marketer knows that content is king and even more so when employees share it. While fewer than a third of surveyed firms have an employee advocacy program, those who do experience a 37% higher customer retention rate. As many employee advocacy and content sharing platforms are hosted in the cloud, the promise of higher revenues and retention should be intriguing to any organizational leader.
  • Mobile Apps: Ephemeral sharing applications like Snapchat and Instagram offer organizational employees the chance to share their best moments at work. Since individuals are more likely to trust the experiences their friends share, organizations should consider developing similar technologies to drive job applications and potential new hires.
  • Cognitive Computing: Larger organizations have the challenge of passing information, both between different generations and from department to department. The availability of cognitive computing capabilities can automate the process of sharing information while allowing organizations to run smoothly.
  • Collaboration: Our final example has been a benefit of cloud for a long time in the form of collaboration. As employees look to accelerate the completion of their projects, leadership can consider technologies like IBM Digital Experience to encourage working together while also encouraging colleagues to become more familiar with each other.

What other ways do you see organizations using the cloud to increase employee advocacy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Boost Your Employee Advocacy

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