Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service

Internet of Things (IoT) provides a huge opportunity to gather valuable data about your products, your business processes, and your customers by analyzing IoT data at scale and enriching it with other business intelligence so that you can drive new services and improve customer satisfaction. Internet of Things connects everyday objects to each other and to the internet.

Oracle - Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud
Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud

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What is Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service and how can it help?
Oracle delivers a highly scalable Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service that is simplified by design so you can rapidly assimilate IoT into your digital strategy and create innovative services with less risk. The key to a successful IoT strategy is integration with your existing applications and processes. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service makes integration easy and efficient by providing REST APIs to access all IoT Cloud Service data and functions from enterprise applications and processes, and integrate with the connected devices. You can securely access IoT Cloud service from any connected device. With Oracle IoT you can manage and analyze the enormous amount of real-time data generated by all the connected devices. Oracle Internet of Things Real-time analysis tools let you correlate, aggregate, and filter incoming data streams while built-in integration allows for automatic synchronization of data streams with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service enables secure and reliable bi-directional communication so IoT devices can communicate and exchange data with both directly and indirectly connected devices with Cloud.

How can I quickly incorporate IoT into my business strategy?
Assimilating IoT data into your current IT infrastructure does not need to be complex or costly in fact the Oracle Internet of Things cloud service simplifies the process to enable better data-driven insights by streamlining the integration of IoT data into your existing applications and processes quickly via the cloud.

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Talk to our Perficient BI Team to get more insight into the Oracle IoT Cloud Service and other related Oracle products.

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