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How to Do DevOps in Older Organizations

When it comes to DevOps, industry publications tend to associate the innovation philosophy with fresh and agile startups. After all, small teams mean faster delivery schedules, recovery from error, and overall innovation. However, just because large organizations may thought to be slow, higher performing ones still have the possibility of scaling and innovating without an impact on quality. We’ll explore some opportunities in this blog post.

Opportunity #1: Progressive Transition

Unlike their startup counterparts, cultural change in large corporations does not happen instantaneously. Instead, leaders must take an incremental approach that focuses on small changes over a quarterly period. Furthermore, leaders should also approach the transition into DevOps by adding in new methodologies including automation and integration one by one to see how processes shift.

Opportunity #2: Avoiding Error

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Organizations of all sizes are prone to error and larger ones will make the same ones as startups. A lack of training in particular, will slow down and reduce the quality of innovation. To avoid error, leaders should encourage the measuring of success and development of “center of excellence” programs to keep everyone on track.

Opportunity #3: Be Ready for Change

Most important in the process of DevOps is the pace of change. While smaller startups thrive on speed, larger organizations may find themselves hamstrung. Nonetheless, we urge our clients to be aware of how their organizations will transform and set business activities accordingly.

What do you think? How should older organizations handle DevOps? Let us know in the comments below.

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