Perficient Launches Life Sciences Application

The Appian practice at Perficient has just released SiteConnect solution. SiteConnect is an achievement in providing a fully functional application for the complex Life Sciences Industry. This milestone was achieved in collaboration with Perficient’s Life Sciences Industry Practice. Perficient is a digital transformation consulting firm that brings deep industry subject matter expertise and technology consulting. Two major pain points in the Life Sciences Industry are disconnected data, and also processes lacking integration, which results in disjointed islands of information. The launch of SiteConnect enables processes around clinical trial data to efficiently manage relationships between study sponsors and/or clinical research organizations (CROs) and clinical trial personnel.

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SiteConnect is built on the Appian platform that is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and integrates with existing Clinical Trial Management Systems. It provides functional enhancements for study sponsors and/or CROs to expose research data through a single interface for clinical trial personnel. SiteConnect can be embedded within existing websites by applying style sheets and branding or it become the “investigator portal” with public facing self-service approval flows which increase transparency and visibility on twelve common use cases, including the following;

  • Distribution and collection of site essential documents, including expiration notifications and a visual representation of a site’s document compliance
  • Maintenance of site contact information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Site payment statuses and invoices, including a claim resolution process for sites to initiate
  • Resolution of clinical data discrepancies

Appian, a leading BPM and Case Management platform, is also rated as a leader in Low-Code Development by Forrester Research. Forrester defines low-code platforms as “Platforms that enable rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment.” By building SiteConnect on Appian, Perficient was able to cut development, testing, and deployment costs over fully custom built software by 75% without taking into account non-functional capabilities such as the security, browser compatibility, and native mobile applications. This means that by adopting a low-code platform, SiteConnect is easy to change and easy to maintain requiring less resources and faster time to market.

Find out more information on SiteConnect here.

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