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Lowering Healthcare Supply Chain Costs with AWS

It is commonly known that the healthcare supply chain is costly, led by the cost of equipment and medicine. Healthcare organizations find themselves hampered by high operations costs without proper assurance, passed on to the end customer. Luckily, there are firms that do what they can to ensure that prices stay low and innovate through price negotiation tools.

Even though there are adequate software solutions on the market, the passage of time requires updating and innovation. This was the challenge of one our clients, a nationwide healthcare provider alliance delivering supply chain services for providers. Leadership was using a software management system hampered by inefficiencies, data quality, and unprocessed requests, wiping out intended savings and reducing customer satisfaction.

The client engaged us and leveraged our business process management expertise to elevate their software needs. We helped develop a pricing platform on Pega’s PRPC 7.1 platform that integrated legacy data gathered over the past decade, develop new database schema, define application features, and guide employees through training. Additionally, we also recommended the supporting of the platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the intention of increasing guaranteed uptime.

In the end, the customer was able to increase processing times, elevate data quality, and broaden reporting capabilities while saving money and passing the benefits down to its healthcare organization clients.

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