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Features in Informatica Cloud Spring 17 Release

Informatica Cloud Spring 17 Release

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With the new release of Informatica’s iPaaS offering they add API management capabilities to the industry leading cloud data integration and synchronization platform. They also strengthened their on-premises agent to improve throughput and availability by adding load balancing and clustering.

API management is a significant new Informatica capability. With API Management users can API-enable data sources and create composite service and data APIs using OData, REST/XML, JSON or SOAP/WSDL. Managed APIs can be exposed to partners, customers and internal consumers through the Informatica Cloud API Gateway. The API gateway allows exposed APIs to be controlled and secured.

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They also introduced new and enhanced connectors to AWS, Azure and Google data services and enhancements to SaaS application connectors for a host of providers. PowerExchage for Cloud allows PowerCenter customers to manage cloud application data and create hybrid cloud data warehouses and open data analytics to the cloud.

It’s a very impressive release including:

  • Cloud Data Integration: Increased developer productivity and superior performance for high data volumes, optimized for cloud DW like Redshift and SQL DW
  • Cloud Application Integration & API Gateway: Implement and manage API-centric architecture with Informatica Cloud Real Time and API Manager.  API-enable services and data sources; create composite service and data APIs using OData, REST/XML, JSON or SOAP/WSDL; expose managed API to partners, customers and internal consumers; control, secure, and manage using API Manager.
  • Cloud Integration Hub: Optimize your Salesforce experience with purpose-built pub/sub integration support and OOTB artifacts
  • Cloud B2B Gateway/ Intelligent Structure Discovery: Expedite the on-boarding of non-EDI files e.g. local files (CSV), unstructured data, streamline processes for B2B partners
  • Customer 360 for Salesforce: Holistic customer insights across all SFDC orgs and on-premise Informatica MDM apps – Customer 360, MDM
  • Cloud Test Data Management: Advanced support for development and testing, with zero-downtime and high availability, better insights across dev systems
  • PowerExchange for Cloud Applications: PowerCenter customers can now reuse the existing technology and skills, while adopting to cloud benefits of scale, agility and connectivity
  • New & Enhanced Connectors broadening connectivity to Azure Data Lake, Azure DW, Eloqua V3, REST V2, Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, AX7, GP 2010, Dynamics 365, OData v4, Teradata, AWS RedShift, AWS S3, , IBM DashDB, Microstrategy, Snowflake, Cloud MFT, Couchbase, MongoDB

Informatica is a Perficient strategic partner with joint service offerings including:

  • Enterprise Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Virtualization
  • Data Replication
  • Cloud Data Integration
  • Big Data Integration
  • Master Data Management

In addition, we support Informatica Product Information Management (PIM), providing an end-to-end transparent process that enables efficient data management and integration, including multichannel eCommerce.

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