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Sonatype Survey Explores the State of DevOps

DevOps growth has been noted by both the media and industry players in early 2017. As the cloud takes root and organizations move from adoption to innovation, our partner Sonatype set out to understand what the impact has been.

Enter the 2017 DevSecOps Community Survey, a comprehensive survey of 2,300 professionals across 37 questions. Among some of the findings include:

  • Maturity Increases: Two-thirds of organizations surveyed indicated that their DevOps practice was either improving or had mastered maturity. This indicates that while there is still room for adoption and education, many organizations understand the value of DevOps, emphasizing the importance of consulting and services.
  • Industries Opportunities Abound: Over half of industries surveyed adopting DevOps indicated a presence in technology, finance, and banking with the rest distributed among more technologically nascent industries like government and education. This suggests that there could be more opportunities on a wider scale in other industries for DevOps to make an imprint.
  • Security Challenges: While security is an important part of every technology organization, it’s still a hindrance. Nearly three-fifths of respondents indicated that security held back true agility. For technology leaders, the importance of finding the right security solutions compatible with organization culture is of the utmost importance.

The survey covers on a variety of other topics, including respondent thoughts on automation, continuous innovation, and user access management. Check out the rest of the guide here and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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