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Trends in Governance: Change Management is Critical to Success

A recognition, especially among the practitioners themselves, is that effective change management is the key to successful governance. It is still an elusive and challenging function, but its placement as the critical success factor of a governance program is becoming more and more apparent.

While all of the data-as-information points so far are relevant, the governance model has little value if people don’t know how to access, how to interpret, and ultimately how to use the core data and its embedded information. This is where organizational change management (OCM) plays a key role.

The value in the data lies with people engaging with it. OCM, and its underlying methodologies, is about ensuring users and key stakeholders are ready, willing and able to work in new ways, leveraging new tools and processes appropriately. It’s important to understand that user adoption cannot simply be assumed. Just because you tell someone that you have new ways of working doesn’t equate to people actually doing what you want or to them even knowing what to do. Change is hard, and change occurs one person at a time.

To learn more about this trend and the other trends impacting healthcare governance, download our recent guide, Healthcare Governance, Trends to Watch.

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