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Common Security Risks for ECM Systems

Cybersecurity is a hot topic across all industries, with most companies recognizing the importance of identifying and mitigating risk factors across IT environments. Recent news headlines have focused on external threats, but internal risks represent over $40 billion in losses annually. When developing an enterprise security plan, it’s important to account for common IT security risks, both external and internal.

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On our Integrate blog, our Enterprise Content Intelligence team recently shared a series of common enterprise security risks, based on decades of experience implementing enterprise content and process management systems across all major industries.

They identified the following risks:

  • Applet viewers
  • Deprecated hash algorithms in SSL certificates
  • Infrastructure updates (patches and fix packs)
  • Bypassing SSL and creating security holes into your organization
  • Guessing document versions
  • Poor password and access policies
  • Virus-laden downloads and committed documents
  • Logging of personally identifiable information (PII) in trace logs
  • Production vs development clarity
  • Defining, recognizing and handling risky behavior

For details on each of these risk factors, read the full blog post here.

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