That Sticky Factor: A B2B eCommerce Success Story

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Your brand is the heart and soul of your company and how end users perceive your brand ultimately dictates your online success. One monumental aspect to your success is the end-user experience and how end users interact with your site. Make sure they get what they are expecting and what they want. Create “that sticky factor,” and ensure they come back time and again.
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (API) is a prime example of creating that sticky factor. Their road to success was not easy, said Dirk Bellman, IT Online Systems Manager, and Travis McGee, Senior Functional Analyst. They presented in a breakout session titled, “From $0 to $1.25 Billion: How to Transform your B2B Business,” at Magento Imagine 2017.
Magento EE was implemented to remediate a painful first iteration of Before Magento was put in place, their custom solution was not flexible, extremely expensive to maintain and could not support an experience truly warranted for API’s users. After Magento EE was implemented, API was able to achieve a great deal of flexibility in their platform, gain scalability, and a very large community (i.e. developers, technology partners, solution partners, etc). to lean on to execute on their digital road map.
All in all, the session reiterated the fact that B2B is tough. It’s prudent to have a clear, defined, digital road map and the support you need to ensure your site is satisfying your user’s needs. Don’t simply jump right into commerce and be fooled by the easy dollar in the short term. Take a tactical approach and make sure your technologies enable your designs and overall experience while fulfilling your business needs.
With a little help from Perficient, we can help enable success and create that sticky factor, so your business continues to grow and thrive. Our experience in B2B, both front and back end, is unmatched. Push the envelope to provide an unparalleled, personalized, experience that fulfills your end user’s needs.

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