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Modernizing Healthcare Workflows with AWS

Technology refreshes in the era of the cloud are a perfect time to modernize technology applications, particularly in high impact industries including healthcare, finance, and education. However, technology refreshes have generally been a headache given the options and commitment, the cloud has significantly reduced stress levels for technology leaders.

This was the challenge of one of our healthcare clients who was providing supply chain solutions for healthcare service providers. Much like the story of their pricing system, their overarching applications and data systems required an update as well. The systems lacked integration and end users were required to log in to multiple systems to access individual pieces of data. Ultimately, this led to inefficient, segmented, and uninformative experiences that ate into making strategic business decisions.

The customer called on our consultants to help transform their workflow system with Pega Systems’ PRPC 7.1 business process management (BPM) software. The updated system included validation workflows, system calculators, administrative workflows, and reporting capabilities. To further increase reliability, we supported PRPC 7.1 on Amazon Web Services.

Ultimately, the project was a success. Employees now enjoy a simplified workflow, benefiting employees through system integration, usability, and data transparency to increase efficiency, reduce time to visibility, and greater data transparency. Employees now have updated technologies to gather data and drive better business decisions.

Modernize with AWS

Are you looking to modernize your systems? See how our AWS expertise can help you by emailing us at Download our AWS guide as well to see what other business cases can also apply to your organization.

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