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Digital Transformation

7 Ways to Maximize ROI on your Digital Experience Investment

At IBM Amplify 2017, I gave a presentation on 7 ways to maximize ROI on your digital experience investment.  The presentation was geared mostly towards IBM Digital Experience / WebSphere Portal but the concepts apply to virtually any digital experience platform and are aligned with Perficient’s take on Digital Transformation.

The presentation is shared below but in summary, the 7 points are:

  1. Don’t approach an implementation from a pure technology focus, include the user experience.
  2. Digital Transformation is a journey, not a destination.
  3. Always consider performance in every decision you make.
  4. Agile development.
  5. Think “Inside the Box” and leverage product capabilities instead of developing your own.
  6. Use modern development techniques including modern UI frameworks.
  7. DevOps – automate everything you can.

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Glenn Kline

Area Vice President, Custom Development and Mobile Solutions

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