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How to Ensure Cloud Stability in 2017

Organizations adopting the cloud are beginning to notice the maturity of their investments, particularly as use cases begin to surface throughout their business. Growth in cloud spending is also moving in line with these realizations: Research firm Gartner predicts nearly $1 trillion dollars in spending on cloud-related IT spending through 2022.

The increase in cloud investments also calls into concern the stability of investments. Whether your cloud ecosystem consists of hybrid, public, or private implementations, managing stability is the key to minimizing outages and maximizing performance, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

Here are three things to keep an eye on as you scale your deployments:

  • Monitoring: Visibility is all about managing what you can see, and creating opportunities to see what you cannot. Cloud environments are complex and advanced systems connect with external systems requiring additional data centers and resources. Some monitoring metrics for your cloud deployments include can include the following. Note that your organizational leadership may already have monitoring guidelines to follow.
    • Network performance
    • Latency monitoring
    • Application monitoring
    • Login and Access monitoring
    • License Usage
    • Resource Usage and Utilization
  • Replication: Do you have a plan if a critical cloud component goes down? Cloud replication involves data, applications, users, cloud resources, and grants you a backup in case of failure. Testing failover and ensuring that remote data points are replicating correctly is a great place to start in reducing downtime and data loss.
  • Security: One of the biggest issues of the modern tech world is how cloud stays secure, especially as data breaches gain attention. Since data breaches are prohibitively expensive, it is important to move beyond deploying firewalls and also leverage cloud-to-cloud security, compliant replication and storage, and understand user access management.

As you move towards keeping a closer eye on your cloud ecosystem, you will notice that reliance your infrastructure will also continue to grow. As cloud stability increases, you will also notice a steady increase in customer satisfaction and revenue – outcomes everyone wants.

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