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Develop Your Next Mobile Application with AWS

According to Pew Research, nearly three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone, double from just six years ago. Among the younger 18-to-29 demographic, nearly nine in ten own a smartphone, signifying its ubiquity. No matter the age group, smartphones have become a key communication device, used for everything from capturing life’s most important moments to conducting product research to listening to music.

As a key element of digital transformation, the development of a mobile application is now key for enterprises who seek greater connection and thought leadership with their customers. Beyond having a website or an email list, a mobile application offers organizations the ability to consume real estate and distribute attention on already-crowded phone screens.

Having the right tools is the key to successful development of a game changing mobile application. One path is the adoption of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which lets you build and deploy apps that allow you to engage with your customers no matter where they are, and on the devices of their choice.

We are also aware of the challenge of continuously engaging your customers on mobile applications. AWS lets you easily deploy and manage mobile apps that can improve engagement with your customers through a single console. Whether you are creating a brand new mobile app or adding features to your existing app, AWS Mobile Hub lets you leverage the features, scalability, reliability, and low cost of AWS in minutes. AWS Mobile Hub guides you through both feature selection and configuration, and then automatically provisions the AWS services required to power these features, all supported by the cloud.

As mobile applications move to the next phase to support the Internet of Things (IoT) and alternate realities (AR, VR, and MR), the opportunity to jump into the mobile application game is now. Leverage the right solutions to avoid being left behind by the competition.

Let’s Develop Together

Are you ready to develop your industry’s groundbreaking mobile app? Our consultative capabilities can help you from beginning to end and take you to market. Send an email to to get your project started today and download our guide below to gain additional insights on AWS use cases.

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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