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How To Fix The Sponsor/CRO-Site/Investigator Relationship

Many moons ago, I wrote the blog post This Is Bad News For Sponsors And CROs, in which I shared how the number of principal investigators interested in running new trials had declined. Another blog post from several several years ago, Wait, You’re Not Using an Investigator Portal?, shared one method of increasing satisfaction among investigators and creating a better experience for them.

Here’s the point: clinical trials are incredibly expensive. And with the constraints of quality and compliance, the only way to reduce costs is to make trial operations more efficient.

When study sponsors are able to automate workflows and efficiently exchange information, documents, queries, and supplies with their clinical sites, good things happen: confusion and errors are minimized, relationships with investigators and site personnel improve, and overhead costs plummet.

This Thursday, my colleague Param Singh, director of clinical operations solutions at Perficient, will be presenting a 30-minute webinar on transforming how sponsors and CROs interact with clinical sites. Specifically, he will discuss how organizations can use strategy, technology, and design to reduce clinical trial costs while improving quality and compliance.

Click here to register for the webinar >>

We look forward to having you join us.

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