Adobe Experience Manager Multi Site Manager Cheat Sheets

Multi Site Manager (MSM) is an extremely useful feature in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that allows marketers to reuse content in multiple locations.
Imagine you have a global website that contains multiple languages and regions; a page in a different region is similar to the national page, with some regional content variations. Marketers can create a live copy page from a language source page, administrators can handle the blue print and roll-out configurations, and developers can extend and develop the custom roll-out configuration and add synchronization actions.
Below are cheat sheets for some of the most-used MSM features and terms.

Expenditure TypeUnit NameUnit Description (a) Expenditure Category(b) Revenue Category(c) Expenditure Type Class
AdministrativeHoursAdministrativelaborNon-Bill laborStraight Time
ClericalHoursClericallaborNon-Bill laborStraight Time
Customer LaborHoursBillable Labor HourslaborBillable laborStraight Time
Customer HotelDollarsBillable HotelTravelBillable TravelExpense Reports
Customer SuppliesDollarsBillable SuppliesSuppliesBillable SuppliesSupplier Invoice

SprintDaysStory PointsTakt Time
Sprint 11061.67
Sprint 21061.67
Sprint 31052.00
Sprint 4881.00
Sprint 51081.25
Sprint 61071.43
Sprint 7890.89
Sprint 81091.11
Sprint 91081.25
Sprint 10991.00

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Thoughts on “Adobe Experience Manager Multi Site Manager Cheat Sheets”

  1. Hi
    While creating live copy from Blueprint , initial languages not showing which results in Live copy is not created.
    Any help on this please

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