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Powerful Shipping Experiences – IBM Amplify 2017

Global eCommerce Today & Estimated for 2020:

2017: $2.35 trillion (10% of total retail sales)

2020: $4.06 trillion (14.6% of total retail sales)

One of the biggest things that has been overlooked in the customer journey is the shipping experience. At IBM Amplify, one session focused on this critical component focusing on shipping intelligence with Watson Commerce.
How many times have you visited an online retailer or eCommerce site, chose your products, got to your cart and stopped the process because of shipping? Well, according to Temando’s Report “The State of Shipping in Commerce,” 70-80% of all cart abandonment of customers is due to shipping. And its not just about cost or speed, but the overall experience of shipping.
What do consumers want?

74% of American Consumers understand that the cost of shipping is a trade-off for the convenience of home delivery

59% of U.S. consumers would shop more online if retailers offered free shipping

43% of U.S. consumers would shop online if retailers offered free and easy returns

44% of U.S. consumers would abandon their cart and search for an alternating online retailer if their purchase could not get the shipping they want

There are huge gaps between what the consumer wants, what the retailer is offering and what consumers are willing to pay a premium for. There are huge gaps between these three that need to be matched in order meet the high consumer expectations and streamline the fulfillment process. Consumers want retailers to deliver Amazon-esque shipping experiences and retailers can do so through IBM Watson Commerce, Order Management and Commerce Call Centers. Providing enhanced shipping and fulfillment capabilities will empower merchants to control access to preferred carrier services giving consumers more options (same day shipping, overnight shipping, BOPIS, etc) to satisfy their needs.

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