#AdobeSummit Standout: PhoneGap and Framework7 for Mobile Apps

We’ve seen many innovative features and products launched at Adobe Summit 2017. As a developer, one cool feature that attracted me the most was the development of a hybrid mobile application with PhoneGap along with Framework7 open source UI framework.
When developing a mobile application using JavaScript, CSS and native libraries, I have faced issues with CSS styling and JS UI events. Instead of concentrating more on the mobile application’s core functionality, most of the time was spent debugging the UI-related issue.
PhoneGap with Framework7 shows a path to alleviating the aforementioned development problem. This framework provides features like Templates, Themes, Components, Routing, Icons and Styling.
A primary reason to use Framework7 is that we don’t have to learn another new language or library. It is built based on the existing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery like syntax. It is easy to add to the PhoneGap project and customize the themes and UI Styling according to the needs of our mobile application experience.
With the PhoneGap and Framework7 library, we can deliver a true mobile experience with ease for Android and IOS platforms.

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Prakash Venkatesh

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