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Adobe and Microsoft Announce Availability of New Integrations and Offerings

Adobe and Microsoft have started to roll out the solutions they announced in September 2016 that help both companies fill out key gaps in their portfolios.image of MS Dynamics logo
Here are three of the key new offerings from Adobe and Microsoft:

  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics with Adobe Campaign.  One missing piece of Adobe’s marketing portfolio is CRM and Dynamics will certainly help fill that gap.  For Microsoft, tying Dynamics to the market leading campaign management platform helps extend their CRM in a meaningful way.
  • Adobe Analytics is integrated with Microsoft Power BI.  Getting marketing people to create custom reports in Adobe Analytics can be challenging.  By bringing Power BI into the fold, it could make it easier for non-IT people to create custom reports and dashboards.  In addition, Power BI can provide insights into the vast amount of data capture in Adobe Analytics.
  • Microsoft and Adobe are cooperating on a Standard Data Model for customer engagement data.  Both companies are also working with several other companies in the industry to create this standard.  According to Adobe,

“This model will standardize how data is structured and vastly expedite the process of gaining insights from massive amounts of data.”

The integrations with MS Dynamics and Power BI are available today. There is not set date for the new data model to be complete, but we expect an update on progress in May.

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