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A CMS for the Cognitive Cloud Era: Watson Content Hub

Watson Content Hub

Watson Content Hub

Last December, IBM released Watson Content Hub (WCH,) their new Content-as-a-Service offering.  At IBM Amplify 2017, Davad Strachan, IBM Principal Offering Manager, Digital Experience and Tyler Tribe, IBM Principal Offering Manager, IBM Digital Experience Software, presented and demonstrated the latest and greatest capabilities of IBM Watson Content Hub.

WCH Provides 4 Key Capabilities

  1. It provides an authoring site for business users to define content types
  2. Global PAYG platform.. you pay as you go for storage and data transfer
  3. Rich APIs to pull content and deliver to to social sites, mobile apps, websites etc
  4. Content delivery network based on Akami distribution
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The session started with a demonstration of some of the capabilities of the service.

  • Images can be edited inline using image profiles to update content quickly, e.g. support multiple devices, e.g. desktop, tablet and phone.  This allows a content manager to configure a single image source and have WCH automatically re-scale images to any size.  The profile sizes can be configured by the content manager.
  • Digital assets (images) can be uploaded and tags are automatically recommend using Watson’s visual recognition service.
  • Any recommended tags can be ignored, updated or new ones can be manually added.
  • An image was found by search using tags that Watson.
  • Content was delivered to a mobile application on an IPad through “Headless Content.”  This allows business users to manage content independent of the presentation.
  • WCH is built upon the Akami distribution network which has thousands of distribution sites worldwide.

Key Investment Themes

  1. Core Content Management – content repository and associated tools
  2. Site Composition & Delivery
  3. Integration with other products including IBM and non IBM tools

Other key notes are:

  • A free trial to Watson Content Hub is available for anyone to try.
  • Watson content hub is cognitive in that it automatically tags content.  In future phases WCH will learn your business and behaviors to make more recommendations.
  • 2 deployments are done to production each week delivering new capabilities.
  • Strong desire for making the product easy to use, understand and get started
  • Future items
    • The content model will be enhanced in coming months.
    • Scheduling publish dates/times
    • Localization
    • Homepage widgets
    • Rich meta-data
    • Real time personalization

To learn more about Watson Content Hub, contact  We have an offering that will help get you started with Watson Content Hub which includes:

  • 1 year subscription to WCH
  • 2 week of on site enablement which includes
    • Content assessment
    • WCH setup
    • Content model and taxonomy creation
    • Content authoring
    • Mentoring
    • Best practices and guidelines
    • Client consumption techniques for web, mobile, social and more
    • Access to Perficient developed reusable components
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