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Integration & IT Modernization

Considerations for Integration Strategies

This year, organizations will manage more data than ever, especially as they expand how they engage with customers. However, the lack of an appropriate strategy will hamper these efforts, causing harm to organizational efficiency, agility, and customer care.

As we have discussed on this blog in the past, one way to address these challenges is through Integration Platform-as-a-Service solutions, or iPaaS, a hybrid cloud setup that enables the flow of data from on-premises applications to those in the cloud.

Simply selecting iPaaS itself as we have discovered with our customers, is not enough. According to research firm Gartner, iPaaS is going to be the integration platform of choice for new integration projects by 2019, overtaking software implementations for the first time. However, that said, iPaaS is not the only game in town, also competing with incumbent methodologies which include point-to-point integration, classic on-premises platforms, and hybrid integration in addition to iPaaS. Some considerations for selecting an integration strategy include:

  • Established Integration Capabilities: Many organizations are still new to the world of integration and possess zero implementations. In some cases, leadership is disinterested or simply overlooked the need.
  • Skill Availability: We all know how skills in the technology sector can be few and in between. Sometimes you just need to get it done, regardless of what new technologies exist on the market.
  • Innovation versus Risk: Finally, there may also be a desire to innovate no matter what the cost, including connecting one API to another. While there should be caution, the result can be an enormous payoff.

You can read more about these considerations and more from Gartner in their partner white paper with our friends at Dell Boomi. Let us know how you are approaching integration this year and how you see the practice influencing your business in the comments section below.

Discover iPaaS Solutions with Perficient

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