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Start with the End in Mind: Delivering the Optimal UX

Start With The End In Mind Delivering The Optimal Ux

No matter what the function of your website is, the ultimate goal is to deliver the optimal user experience (UX) and increase conversions. Conversion is a little bit of a loose term. There are micro-conversions, macro conversions – and conversions that can differ based on your site purpose. Maybe you’re trying to get someone to fill out a form or maybe you’re trying to get someone through checkout. What’s important is that you consider that end goal first.

So, for example, with an eCommerce site, your end goal is increasing revenue or lifetime value. Start at the end of the funnel, at the shopping cart, with the ultimate goal being to decrease the cart abandonment rate and get more people to check out.

Next, move into the customer journey that leads up to the cart. Improve each different template – the product template, the category template, the content pages, or the blog – to create the most optimal experience.

Lastly, tackle the homepage, improving your branding and overall information architecture. While your homepage is critical for storytelling and branding, it may not be the most important page for conversions. If you are sending traffic to your home page from paid advertising, you may be wasting money.

Create the Right UX for Each Device
Creating the optimal UX means you also need to deliver the right experience for the right device to the right person at the right time. Many websites feature responsive design, where a web page is built to detect the visitor’s screen size and change the layout accordingly. But a responsive website design isn’t always enough. You want to ensure you develop a custom experience specific to each device – mobile, tablet, and desktop.

For more help on how to increase your site conversions, let us take a look and let you know where you can improve. 


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