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Embracing eCommerce in 2017

Big Commerce reported in 2016 that more than half of consumers in the U.S. would rather purchase items online than walk into a brick-and-mortar store. This number assures the sustainability of eCommerce strategies and sites for retailers.
Industries that could see maximum growth and penetration in eCommerce would be luxury, apparel, consumer electronics, health, homeware and furniture, and food and grocery. In order for businesses to keep eCommerce profitable and relevant, here are four things they should embrace:
1. Dynamic & Personalized Experience – We can thank companies like Amazon and Netflix who have pioneered the way for the mass personalization of the customer experience. Because of this, the one-size-fits all approach to sales and marketing is no longer tolerated by the mass consumers. Dynamic shopping experiences are easier than ever with the existence of massive data stores and technology. With the right personalization tools, highly targeted audiences will have ads placed directly in front of them which leads to more prospects, leads and sales! Besides the fact that shoppers can be given relevant recommendations based on previous purchase, location and demographics. All of this will help increase sales and keep loyal customers.
2. Mobile First – As smartphones continue to dominate as they are improved, screens become larger and purchasing options are streamlined, more and more users are attracted to utilizing the mobile channel to make purchases. Just having a website that functions on a mobile platform is no longer good enough. People utilize tablets, smartphones, and devices to interact with a brand and purchase products. In order to meet the high demands, websites must be designed primarily for mobile users.
3. Same Day Delivery – We live in a world of immediate satisfaction and when people are shopping for things they want their purchase right away. These demands initially created a resistance to eCommerce because of the shortened window to ship an item. Retailers now are able to deliver orders that are placed the night before on the next day. One-day and two-day shipping options have attracted many consumers to the appeal of shopping online we notice that the trend is shifting to even shorter delivery times. The result of this has companies like Amazon creating sites like Amazon Local that provide same day delivery or companies using drop off points, couriers, independent drivers that are allowing for delivery within one hour of checkout. As these demands are increasing, embracing same-day delivery will give companies a competitive edge will put your company at the forefront of eCommerce.
4. Digital Payments – Digital payments have changed and simplified the way consumers purchase items. Products like PayPal, Apple Pay, etc have enabled people to purchase items with the touch of a finger or a PIN to checkout their items with mobile devices, wearables, watches, even rings! Many customers are weary about the security of their money and these digital platforms have allowed to put their minds at ease to improve their experience. To achieve growth this year, companies embracing digital payments and expanding payment methods on their website or in their store will only help businesses be more profitable.

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