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7 Things To Love About DevOps

Valentine’s Day, despite its retail foundations, is a great day to reflect on what we are grateful for and the things we love. Even though not all of us will be giving or receiving chocolates and roses, there are still many other things to embrace, including emerging technology philosophies like DevOps.

With our swooning at a minimum, we list:

  1. DevOps Moves Faster than Waterfall and Agile: In an age where customers demand more than ever, DevOps is the way to go by continuous innovation. While Waterfall and Agile are by no means inefficient or slower, they don’t provide the instantaneous feedback that DevOps does.
  2. The Rise of Automation: One of the biggest risks in writing and evaluating code is the risk for error. Thankfully DevOps means the rise of automation, where code quality and version control are automatically maintained. No more frustration in looking at code line by line.
  3. The Emergent Business Ecosystem: Unlike Agile and Waterfall methodologies where technical teams were confined to their own spaces, DevOps involves the entire business and increases much needed collaboration.
  4. DevOps is all in the cloud: To counter the rising demands of customers, DevOps has also largely become a process situated in the cloud. Not only can organizations enjoy the lower costs of cloud, but they can innovate upon it as well.
  5. Security comes before Delivery: In the old days, application security was something that came to concern after a product was shipped, leading to customer frustration and the onslaught of patches. Fortunately, security is a natural part of the DevOps process and is now considered before launch.
  6. You Can Finally Measure Efficiency: Businesses and organizations are built on the analytics of productivity. With DevOps, being able to measure productivity is easier than ever with the available tools and collaboration across business units.
  7. Iteration is Important Again: Since DevOps is built on the interests of continuous innovation, organizations are also more open iteration and associated failure. This is something to love because it encourages organizations to be measured in their risk taking and comfortability in failure.

Your Turn

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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