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Data Profiling through IBM Quality Stage

Many of the assumptions we have about source data are probably not accurate. Today most organizations are facing a data quality problem. In this blog we will look how we can achieve Data Quality using IBM tools.

We have a two step process to achieve Data Quality:

1) Data Profiling

2) Data Quality

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

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We can do Data Profiling using the IBM Information Analyzer along with IBM Info sphere Data stage and Quality Stage. We apply the Data Quality Rules to the source data using our Quality Stage Rules. Mainly, this kind of profiling and standardization of source data will be handled in MDM implementation projects to cleanse and standardize the name and address information.

Please check the below link for the Step by Step Process for Using the Investigate Stage

Data Profiling using Investigate Stage in IBM Data stage Quality Stage




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